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Brent L Watson, CPA

Brent is the Principal at SALTA, PLLC, which he founded in September, 2017 after leaving an international accounting firm. Brent has 29 years of practice in sales tax, property tax, and tax incentive programs. Throughout his career, Brent has specialized in building systems of compliance and working with clients to educate personnel to simplify and improve sales tax processes and in building rapport with taxing authorities to effectively resolve tax issues on behalf of clients in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

He launched the non-income tax group at Tyson Foods in 1990, then led that group for 10 years. Brent has 12 years of experience as a consultant and has extensive experience in the manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, and multi-state retailing industries. Brent has taught seminars for Lorman Education Services, and is a frequent speaker for the Oklahoma Society of CPAs and COPAS; and has authored numerous articles in the OSCPA Focus magazine as well as the COPAS Accounts magazine.

Brent is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the Tulsa Chapter of the Oklahoma Society.

Haven L. Willis

Haven has 31 years of auditing experience with the Illinois Department of Revenue in the area of sales tax and business income tax. She conducted well over 500 highly complex audits of multi-national corporations and partnerships. Each of these audits involved unique tax managers and required navigation of unique accounting systems.

Haven has strong skills involving research of tax laws, rules, regulations and other resource materials applicable to businesses. She has extensive knowledge and leadership in methods of tax accounting and audit, statistical sampling techniques to support efficient and effective reviews and global business environments.

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