(918) 716-1600Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Audit representation and defense – We will provide help as needed, or on a comprehensive basis
  • Refunds for overpaid tax on purchases – A review of your purchases may result in a significant refund of sales taxes
  • Nexus reviews – We can evaluate your sales activities in various states and advise you of your nexus risk
  • Voluntary disclosure and amnesty agreements – We can provide these services to clear your tax exposure in the least costly manner
  • Taxability research – We can research and advise you about the taxability of your purchases to minimize excessive tax costs and sales to avoid exposure risks
  • Training, automation, and process improvement – We will work with your personnel to establish best practices to minimize excessive sales and use tax costs and exposure
  • Compliance services for tax on purchases – We can evaluate your purchases on a monthly basis and accrue use tax as needed, or provide exemption certificates to minimize overpayments of taxes
  • Exemption certificate management – We can oversee your exemption certificate management to ensure that you are collecting and maintaining valid certificates. This is often the single most important step to reducing sales tax audit assessments.
  • Legal opinion requests – We can request legal opinions for sales and use tax taxes on specific issues
  • Managed audits – For Texas audits, we can provide a managed audit service that provides benefits of shortening the audit process, avoidance of spurious assessments, inclusion of all overpayments as credits, and waiver of interest charges 
  • Assistance with implementation of Avalara sales tax software
  • Assistance with implementation of, training, and usage of VirtualTaxOffice
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